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Jamon Cebo de Campo
50% raza iberica

Jamón Cebo de Campo 50% raza ibérica, is identified by the green label, and refers to Iberian pigs reared in reserves and with a feeding regime based on cereals and pulses, alternating with natural meals, so that the quality of its meat is favoured by its free-range movement.

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Iberian ham is a type of cold cut made from Iberian pigs, highly appreciated in gastronomic circles all over Europe, and often considered an element of haute cuisine and a luxury gastronomic product.

Production regulations state that it must have at least 50% of the purity of this breed, to be able to be called “jamón ibérico”, even if the highest quality is 100% Iberian ham from pigs whose parents are both 100% pure-bred Iberian. The other Iberian hams are allowed to have cross-breeds with DUROC pigs.

The main features that distinguish the Iberian hams for their quality, are due to the purity of the breed of the animals, the breeding of the Iberian pigs in a free-range regime in wooded pastures where they can move freely and get physical exercise, the food available to the pigs in the  Montanera period (mountain ll grazing), and finally, the curing of the ham, which can vary from 8 to 36 months, where the length of the curing depends on the size and weight of the ham, and the amount of acorns eaten by the pig.


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